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Pastoral Overview

Personalised and caring pastoral care is one of the foundations of our Academy. We want all of our students to feel that school is a happy, secure and safe place.

Our philosophy is simple; if our students enjoy school and want to come, then we are half way to being successful. In the Primary Phase class teachers and teaching assistants build strong bonds with the students in their care. We work hard to get to know the whole family and our open door policy encourages parents to step into the classroom to talk to staff at the beginning and end of the school day to share successes and to air concerns.

"Our overriding aim is to support the child with their social, emotional and psychological wellbeing, so that they are able to achieve their academic potential."

For those students in the early years who may need a little more support as they settle into new school routines, we offer extra provision in a small group for part of the day in our Rainbow Room, where children can get to know adults and build confidence before being part of the larger class group. Two learning mentors are available each day across the Primary Phase. They may touch base with children who have had a bad day, follow up playground difficulties to ensure all is resolved and the children are happy to play together, sit alongside a young person in class to help build confidence. This role exists to ensure that all our students are happy in school and are therefore ready to learn. 

In Key Stage 3 and key Stage 4 these same principles are engendered through an effective tutor system, over seen by Assistant Heads for Transition. They are augmented by a team of support staff who intervene and support with the care and needs that our students experience. Our overriding aim is to support the child with their social, emotional and psychological wellbeing, so that they are able to achieve their academic potential.

A strong part of our school is the very strong relationship between staff and students.  This is a school where staff value students as individuals, as real people, where respect is mutual.  It is really apparent from all of the staff how much they genuinely care about the students here.  They are passionate about seeing them mature into responsible adults and are fully committed to being a part of this development and making sure they progress to the next stage and beyond school. It is our role to prepare them fully for that next step.  Our staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with your children through the most important years of their development.

Our anti-bullying work is an area we are immensely proud of. This has been led by an effective peer mediation scheme that has been repeatedly recognised for its excellence through various Diana awards and other international commendations. Bullying is a word sometimes overused in education, growing up is a difficult process.  At times, students will make mistakes and relationships between friends can break down.  This is something that we recognise and we have in place highly effective systems for addressing it.

"Our staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with your children through the most important years of their development."

Bridgwater College Academy is a school that will celebrate when your child does well.  Every child is expected to perform to the best of their ability, all of the time and we will positively recognise and reward those efforts.  We also have a system of consequences (Cs) for students who do not follow the school rules and who need some support in recognising their negative behaviours.

All of our Primary Classes and secondary tutor groups follow a Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education programme in daily tutor times, covering a wide variety of relevant issues and topics linked to their age group. These programmes are available on request for interested parents.

We employ two Home School Liaison workers for the Academy and one Parent Support Advisor, who are always willing to visit you at home or to meet in school to support with any difficulties you may encounter whilst your child is with us on their learning journey through the Academy.

BCA Counselling Service

The Academy’s part time counsellor provides a confidential service supporting the mental health and wellbeing of students from Years 5 to 11. Students can self-refer or a referral can come from a parent/member of staff. The students may benefit from the opportunity to work with a professional integrative counsellor.

A key advantage of integrative counselling is its flexibility and focus on the whole of an individual. The integration of different approaches means therapy can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and concerns.

The Academy counsellor is a registered member of a professional counselling body.

SHARE Project

The school is working with the SHARE project to promote mental health awareness.  This is a school project which we would like parents to be aware of and access the resources in order to support their children.

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